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BA Competency Shifts - Data, Robotics and Innovation (Part 1 of 5)


In this 5 part series we look at the subtle shift required in competencies called on by Business Analysts involved in business and IT change.  Specifically focus areas for Business Analysts that are working in:


  • Data Projects

  • Robotics

  • Innovation


The analysis is a snapshot of the competencies required on initiatives over the last 5 years. The analysis is based on the experiences of the Be Positive extended team, stories shared in training sessions, capability assessments of BA practices across the UK and desktop research.


The competencies considered as part of this study are a combination of the competencies of the business analyst, as defined in Business Analysis, 3rd Edition and the underlying competencies of a Business Analyst from BABOK. Where these are felt not to be sufficient, additional characteristics have been added.


We have highlighted the competencies that need to be ‘dialled up’ in intensity for Business Analysts to be successful in these future projects.


These competencies fall into 4 key areas:


1. Personal qualities
Describes how a business analyst thinks and interacts with the people around them.



2. Professional techniques
Specific to business analysts and are the differentiator in the roles that we do.

3. Tools
Specific technology tools that are at a BAs disposal to enable us to do their job effectively and, more importantly efficiency.



4. Business knowledge
Helps to develop a good understanding of the organisation, the sector in which it operates and business in general.




Click here to read part 2 - Data Projects

In the next part of this series we look at the top 5 competency shifts for business analysts on data projects.



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