7 ‘Must Haves’ for a winning approach to Business Analysis


It can be challenging to get a piece of analysis off the ground.  Business Analysis is often a long and complex task involving a lot of stakeholders, time, effort and money.  That’s why it is wise to create an Approach to Analysis for each piece of analysis you undertake.

An Approach to Analysis is sometimes referred to as a Terms of Reference (TOR).  Much like a TOR, an Approach to Analysis provides an agreed basis for confirming or developing a common understanding of the scope of the analysis piece amongst stakeholders.

Terms of Reference define the “Scope allowed to persons conducting an enquiry of any kind” (New Oxford Dictionary).

  1. Background

Include a concise summary of the background information to provide context for the piece of analysis.

  1. Objectives

Provide a clear vision of what will be achieved by this particular piece of analysis.

  1. Scope

Make the scope explicit by including both what is in scope and what is out of scope.

  1. Stakeholders

Define the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders that you need to make the piece of analysis a success.

  1. Deliverables

State exactly what business analysis artefacts you plan to produce and deliver.

  1. Milestones

Supply a breakdown of each deliverable task, estimated effort required and the target dates for completion.

  1. Constraints

Call out any known limitations you anticipate as a factor that may affect the achievement of your analysis deliverables.

When getting started on a piece of analysis, it is vitally important that you take the time to plan and define the approach you will take to deliver.  The format of this will depend on the size, type and complexity of the analysis you are undertaking.   Regardless of the format, your Approach to Analysis must include consideration of the above areas if you want to successfully deliver the analysis.

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