Agile Interaction: Who Are The Agile BA’s Key Stakeholders?


In an Agile project, the business interests and end-user needs should be fully represented within the project team, alongside technical knowledge and solution development.  This means there are a number of stakeholders that need to be present on a project.  This post looks at the different stakeholders and their roles within an Agile team, and how an Agile BA will interact with them.

The importance of interaction

An Agile BA is classed as a Project Stakeholder; someone who is specifically engaged within the project. They work at both the Project Level and the Solution Development Team level, facilitating communications and managing the requirements process.  Let’s take a look at the stakeholders and their roles.

Project Level Roles

Project Manager (PM)

The PM and Agile BA work very closely together so stakeholder analysis and engagement can be done effectively. The Agile BA will:

  • Use BA techniques to aid the PM in the identification of stakeholders, analysis of their roles and the design of appropriate communications with them.
  • Ensure Business Case accounts for changing requirements, prioritisation and incremental delivery. Identify how benefits can be achieved, measured and assessed incrementally.

Business Visionary

Ensures appropriate requirements prioritisation and the delivery of business value. The Agile BA works with the Business Visionary to ensure that the impact of the evolving requirements on the Business Case is fully appreciated. They will also work with them to attach business value to the requirements at all levels through the project.

Business Sponsor

Assures the continued justification for the project, via the Business Case.  The Agile BA will collaborate with the Business Sponsor using their analytical skills to link benefits with requirements and assist with the analysis of benefits realisation and benefits assessment after implementation.

Technical Coordinator

The Agile BA works very closely with the Technical Coordinator to turn the business requirements into delivered functionality.



Team Work


Solution Development Team Roles

The Business Ambassador

In a DSDM team the Business Ambassadors are the day to day representatives of a business area.  The Agile BA will support the Business Ambassador when carrying out their responsibilities and facilitate communication within the Solution Development Team.  They will work closely together on the user stories – the Ambassador will have the business knowledge to help craft these.

Team Leader

Works the Agile BA to facilitate the work of the Solution Development Team. In some Timeboxes the team leader may well be the Agile BA.  Team Leaders are involved in planning Timebox sessions, keeping the team focused on delivering business value.

Solution Developers

Evolve the details of the solution in-line with high-level requirements on the PRL. The Agile BA will work closely with them, along with the Business Ambassador and Testers.

Solution Testers

In an Agile project, testing is throughout the lifecycle. The Agile BA collaborates with the Solution Tester during Timeboxes, working to a strict acceptance criteria.

The Solution Tester will design test whilst the development of features is happening and test the emerging element as soon as possible.



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