BA Competency Shifts – 70/20/10 Model (Part 5 of 5)


The 70-20-10 model is a proven way to develop skills and competencies. It mixes:

  • Doing – 70% of development
  • Learning through others – 20% of development
  • Using more formal learning resources – the remaining 10%

At Be Positive, we use this as the basis for all personal development and it is reflected in colleagues’ personal development plans and objectives. Here are some examples of each of the components.

70% – Examples of learning through ‘doing’:


  • Planned assignments for skills and competency development
  • Secondments or cover for other roles e.g. technical roles for data or processing roles for robotics
  • Ask BAs to be a change champion for a specific initiative
  • Speak at internal or external events
  • Scribe / facilitate at lessons learned for different types of project
  • Share examples of best practice – everyone has this in their objectives
  • Apprenticeship – sideways move into a role in a specialist skillset

20% – Learn & Develop Through Others


  • Peer reviews of different types of deliverables
  • Run lunch and learn sessions, team meetings
  • Shadowing and apprenticeship
  • Formal coaching and mentoring
  • Buddy up with colleagues
  • Use online networks such as LinkedIn
  • YouTube videos and podcasts

10% – Learn & Develop Through Formal Training


  • Run Courses and workshops
  • Attended local and national interest groups and conferences
  • Provide eLearning courses
  • Professional qualifications and certifications

Click here to read more about our experiences of using the 70-20-10 model.


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