BA Competency Shifts – Data Projects (Part 2 of 5)


Data is, and always has been, important to track and control businesses. Projects either solely focused on data, or with a large data (storage, manipulation or reporting) element have been deployed since large scale computing begin.

Over recent years, as the cost of data storage decreases and the number of connected devices increases, technology that manages information has by necessity become much more complex.

A BA’s role on a data project can range from:

  • Gathering data from relevant sources making sure that data is of sufficient quality for further investigation
  • Exploring the data for patterns and trends
  • Constructing models to either define data and relationships or to predict and forecast
  • Using the results to gain business value or mitigate business risk

The top 5 BA competency shifts for Data Projects:

1. Analytical Skills
Analytical skills are essential to dig deeper and deeper until the true nature of the data is uncovered.

2. Data modelling
This is an essential technique on data projects and provides a standard notation for capturing data, associations and attributes.

3. Principles of IT
Many BAs do not come from a technical background, however on data projects, it is vital that BAs understand the impact of their analysis will have on underlying IT systems and databases

4. Visual thinking
Data projects are often complex, and a BA is required to communicate difficult concepts using models and visual representations. Often to audiences who are not familiar with the concepts of data modelling.

5. Business analysis tools
The complex nature of data models necessitates the use of tools to model and store analysis artefacts.

Other BA competencies for consideration are:


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