BA Competency Shifts – Innovation (Part 4 of 5)


Innovation projects will start with much more ambiguity than other projects – often being experimental and exploratory. They may not have a defined end point and may not be linear in progress.

Business Analysts will need to have a broader range of skills and be comfortable exploring new territory.

Failure is a distinct possibility and BAs will need to be more involved with risk management and also be comfortable with the notion of ‘test and learn’.

The top 5 BA competency shifts for Innovation Projects:



1. Creative thinking
Helps the BA and others to generate new ideas and new ways of tackling problems.

2. Conceptual thinking
Find ways to understand how information fits into the bigger picture and how to connect what might appear to be abstract information.

3. Strategy analysis
Understanding the business direction and the factors which can influence the strategy and its execution.

4. Relationship building
Building relationships at all levels within the organisation and externally.

5. Investigation techniques
Innovation initiatives may require a different approach to research. Scenario analysis, testing hypothesis, and listening to customer will all play a bigger part.

Other BA competencies for consideration are:



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In the final  part of this series we look at the 70-20-10 model Be Positive use when shifting competencies.

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