BA Competency Shifts – Robotics & AI (Part 3 of 5)


Many businesses rely on manual support for critical processes.  This introduces risk and cost as processes become complex and vulnerable to errors.  Well executed robotics projects deliver a range of benefits which mitigate these risks and improve business efficiency.

Many businesses see a rapid return on investment as process automation can be low cost in comparison to full process re-engineering.

A BA’s role on a robotics project can range from:

  • Identifying which processes are candidates for automation
  • Analysing processes and create business rules
  • Creating the requirements for delivery

If machine learning (AI) is being implemented a BA will specify the business processes and requirements necessary to enable AI to self-learn and understand context.

The top 5 BA competency shifts for Robotics and AI Projects:

1. Analytical Skills
Critical to gain an understanding of rule based, standardised processes.

2. Business modelling
A core competency to create detailed process models to identify opportunities for improvement and document the new processes for automation and associated rules for AI.

3. Business architecture
Positioning the process models within the holistic context of people, organisation, information and technology.

4. Relationship building
BAs may be working on projects that have labour reduction as a key objective, and it is key to build trust with team members.

5. Business analysis tools
The complex and inter-related nature of process models and the associated rules necessitates the use of tools to model and store analysis artefacts.

Other BA competencies for consideration are:

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In the next part of this series we look at the top 5 competency shifts for business analysts on innovation projects.

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