The Role of the Business Analyst is Evolving


The Role of the Business Analyst is Evolving

Agile Business Analysis is currently one of the most blogged about areas of Agile. We are witnessing the evolution of the role of the BA as more and more organisations and employers take agile approaches to rapidly deliver change projects.

Business Analysts in all industries are feeling the impact of agile with prospective employers now insisting that Agile experience is a MUST HAVE requirement.  As a BA managed service provider we have felt the pain of not being able to find enough suitable BAs with agile and digital experience to meet the customers growing demand.  Now, more than ever, BAs have to be prepared to demonstrate that they can add value to agile projects every step of the way.

Where the BA adds value in Agile Projects

  • Communication skills that drive effective team collaboration
  • Elicitation skills and techniques to extract crucial information from project stakeholders
  • Facilitation skills to capture effective requirements for incremental solution delivery
  • Modelling skills that help keep change visible and allow projects to see the bigger picture

There is an obvious skills gap to be addressed in the industry. The good news is that there are BAs and other IT professionals out there already who have the underlying core competencies to fill the gap. What they are lacking in can either be the experience or training that helps them transition to an agile way of working. We are firm believers that those performing this crucial role must have the necessary skills and know-how to work effectively in an Agile environment.

Be Positive highly recommend industry accredited AgileBA certification, developed by APMG in partnership with the DSDM consortium. This course is designed to give useful, practical and comprehensive guidance for those who need to get a better understanding of the business analysis techniques suitable for use when an Agile approach is used to deliver change.

The Business Analyst is central to the success and competitiveness of organisations in today’s rapidly changing world. As our project landscape continues to change, the BA role will continue to be an evolutionary role; adopting Agile is part of this evolution.

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