Agile Business Analysts – Skills fit for the future?


A Changing World

The rate of change of technology is rapid – I am still amazed I can take photos on my phone and send them to my family! As practising Business Analysts we need to be able to adapt and respond to changes. Not just in technology but also in the way that we deliver projects. By far the most common change in delivery methods in the past 5 years has been the adoption of Agile. This certainly looks to continue and increase in the future. Here’s a quick look at Agile Business Analysts and how we can prepare ourselves for the future. We will be talking more about this at a joint event with CodeClan on the 15th March – further details below.

The Agile Landscape

The are many things that are different for Business Analysts who might be used to working in more waterfall type environments. There is more focus on conversations than on documentation, for example. Teams must be empowered to make decisions – this can feel uncomfortable when we are used to going ‘up the chain’ to get approval for even small decisions. At the same time, BAs can add huge value  by deploying their core skills. Facilitation is a cornerstone for Agile Projects.  Navigating complex stakeholder relationships is something that becomes second nature to Business Analysts and is key for Agile success. BAs are often seen as having a foot in both business and technology camps – on Agile projects this is absolutely vital as the two must be integrated.

The Skills Gap

There is undoubtedly a gap – there are employers who are looking for people with Agile BA skills and experience. At the same time there are BAs and other IT Professionals who have the underlying competencies to fill the gap. What they are lacking in, can either be the experience or the training that helps them transition to an Agile BA role. At Be Positive, we are great believers in the 70/20/10 model. 70% of learning comes through doing, 20% comes through peer conversations and 10% through formal training. So that 10% needs to be as good as it possibly can be and we strongly recommend the Agile BA accreditation from the Agile Project Management Group. We liked it so much – we deliver the course!

Find out more?

On Wednesday 15th March, Be Positive will be speaking on this topic at the free CodeClan Event – Digital Talks: insights from our employer community. We will be joined by 3 other members of the CodeClan Community who will be exploring Blockchain, UX/UI and Containerisation.

If you’d like to find out more –  please have a look and register at the link below – we very much hope to see you there.

Digital Talks: insights from our employer community by CodeClan Digital Skills Academy




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