Facilitated Workshops for an Agile BA


In this article we take a look at some common objectives of facilitated workshops and list 8 features which should guide an Agile BA towards a successful facilitated workshop.

Facilitated workshops themselves are a key Agile practice and can be looked upon as an Agile project in miniature:

 Defined outcomes

  • Fixed Timebox
  • Collaborating participants
  • On-time delivery
  • Focus on the quality of result

Facilitated workshops can be run at any phase of the project lifecycle and the facilitated workshop type relates directly to each specific phase.  Let’s take a look at some typical workshop objectives

  • Gather ideas
  • Achieve decisions
  • Gain information
  • Agree requirements, priorities, dates
  • Design parts of a system
  • Produce a plan
  • Obtain agreement

Timing and frequency of facilitated workshops can vary depending on the nature of the objectives and the DSDM® Lifecycle phase.  Alongside typical objectives, there are also some common features which can help provide facilitated workshop success.

 Here are our top 8 features

1. Empowered people in attendance who are prepared to produce the outcome.

2. Active participation encouraged by collaborative group activity within the facilitated workshop.

3. Clear set of objectives which should be set by the facilitated workshop owner and agreed by the participants. 

4. Well defined scope which should be described in terms of business functions, organisational lines or other defining parameters.

5. A structured agenda and clear plan setting out how to achieve the final deliverables.

6. A trained facilitator who is independent of the project, impartial and have a strong understanding of group dynamics. 

 7. Visible recording or facilitated workshop results as they emerge during the event.

8. Results available without delay after the facilitated workshop.

Facilitated workshops are undoubtedly an effective way to engage a group of people in order to achieve a particular purpose.  By considering these 8 key features, you will become better prepared to run a successful facilitated workshop.



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