Swimlane Notation for Process Mapping


Swimlane diagrams are a type of flowchart used in business analysis to model complex business processes that involve multiple participants or departments. They are also known as cross-functional flowcharts or deployment flowcharts.

Swimlane diagrams visually organise process steps and responsibilities into lanes, with each lane representing a specific participant or department involved in the process.  Swimlanes provide a clear picture of who is responsible for each process step, which helps to identify potential bottlenecks or areas of inefficiency.

In business analysis, swimlane diagrams are used to:


(1) Identify process flow: Swimlane diagrams provide a visual representation of the flow of activities in a business process. This helps to identify areas where processes may be slowed down or improved.


(2) Identify roles and responsibilities: By organizing process steps into swimlanes, swimlane diagrams clearly identify who is responsible for each step. This helps to identify areas of overlap or gaps in roles and responsibilities.


(3) Analyse process inefficiencies: Swimlane diagrams highlight areas where processes may be slowed down or inefficient. By identifying these areas, analysts can recommend improvements to streamline processes and improve efficiency.


(4) Facilitate communication and collaboration: Swimlane diagrams provide a common language and visual representation of complex processes that can be easily understood by stakeholders. This helps to facilitate communication and collaboration across departments and teams.


In summary, swimlane diagrams are a vital elemement of the BAs toolkit to help identify an organisations inefficiencies and improve their business processes by clarifying roles and responsibilities and visualising process flow.



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