Team Chronicles: Meet Karena Quaile our Business Support Lead – Part 2


A key member of the Be Positive team, Karena’s shares experiences of her professional journey, her unique approach to business support, and her successes in the role as Business Support Lead.

Can you discuss a time when you had to adapt to a new situation or learn a new skill quickly?

” Yeah. When I first came on board with Be Positive, I’d obviously had a lot of resourcing and business support experience, but I didn’t really understand the industry. It was a new industry to me. I didn’t really know what business analysis was; that took me a while to kind of learn. I had to do research, speak to the people in our company, and kind of find out exactly what a BA is in order for me to be able to do my job effectively and search for CVs.

As for learning a new skill, I had to do the BA simplified course. It is a course that gives an insight into business analysis, developed by Be Positive. Having to do that helped me get a better understanding of the nature of our business. In general, though, it was a case of just jumping in with two feet and learning as I go. I think the biggest thing is not to be afraid to ask a question. Nobody at Be Positive expects anyone to know everything.”

As a young working mom, balancing time between personal and professional responsibilities could be challenging. How do you effectively navigate this demanding jungle and ensure both personal and professional growth?

” There’s always going to be a sense, if you’re a working mom, of slight mom guilt. You’d think that you’re maybe not doing enough, but Alfy is at nursery now, so Be Positive has been great in the sense that when I first came on board, I didn’t work certain days around childcare, and then when he went to nursery, there were no questions. They were very open to me, changing up my hours to fit around nursery pick-ups and drop-offs and stuff. It is great to have a company that does that. I think working for a company that is family friendly and understanding is the first key. That’s like a weight lifted off your shoulders when you work with somebody who understands that you are a mom. Kids come first.
There have been times where I’ve woken up and Alfy’s been unwell, and I’ve had to either try and work around him or must phone in sick.

I’ve also got a great support network, which helps a lot. Grandparents on both sides help. So yeah, I’ve always had that support there, but Be Positive has massive support in that sense that they understand since both Colin and Vicky, the heads of the company, are both parents themselves. So, they’ve been there. They know exactly what it can be like.

Another thing is that when it’s working time, you are working so that you don’t have to use your home time to try and catch up on work. It’s balancing and not procrastinating. I only work until 2:30. So it’s a case of I need to have those tasks done within that amount of time. You could procrastinate, but then it would eat into your other time.”

If you could start your career path again, would you do something differently?

” This is a hard one for me because my career was very, very different. I was actually a performer. I worked as a performer in musical theatre for a few years, which is what I still do. I’d still teach outside of Be Positive, but I moved into IT. When I came to do that, I learned everything on the job, so I probably started as a service manager, took courses along the way, and then found my passion for HR and that kind of business supporting that side of things, just by default of being placed into roles and being quite good at it.

So, if I were to, I don’t know if I would restart it again, but I would certainly expand more on some parts, like my first level in HR, so that I’d have a better understanding. I would have gotten an actual, proper qualification within that, not just slight elements of it. I would probably channel that area a little bit more, within that side of my career, but then I guess I wouldn’t be here today without all of what I had before, so to restart, I think it’s quite a hard question to answer.

Would I restart? I’m not sure because I don’t know if it would still be on the path that I am on. But yeah, there are certain elements that I would probably still like to channel deeper within the career path that I’m on now.”



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