Essential Skills for Business Analysts in 2024


Check out our latest article where we break down the essential skills for Business Analysts in 2024. We tapped into the insights of experienced business analysts and cross-referenced them with Forbes Magazine’s report on “The 10 Biggest Business Trends in 2024.”  You can read it in detail here: Forbes BA Trends

For a deeper dive into each skill set, check out the full breakdown and top-recommended skills for business analysts in 2024 through the links provided after each section.


1.  Agile Methodologies 

Forbes highlights the growing importance of agile methodologies in business, emphasising their role in innovation and project management efficiency. Business Analysts agree, noting that embracing agile methods significantly enhances their ability to meet evolving business needs, leading to increased efficiency and career growth.

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2. Data Analysis and Visualisation

Both Forbes and Business Analysts recognise the critical role of data in shaping strategic decisions and driving innovation. As organizations prioritise data as a strategic asset, Business Analysts must adeptly use data analysis and visualisation tools to facilitate informed decision-making and open new avenues for business growth.

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3. Artificial Intelligence 

Forbes stresses the need for a clear generative AI strategy for future industry leadership. Business analysts support this, highlighting the transformative potential of generative AI, citing examples like ChatGPT that accelerate project workflows and decision-making.

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4. Core Skills & the Human Touch 

As technical aspects become more automated, Forbes underscores the value of core skills like emotional intelligence and communication. Business Analysts agree, considering core skills as crucial for success, acting as the grease that keeps the BA machine running smoothly. These skills enable analysts to navigate complexities, foster collaboration, and ensure effective communication in a tech-driven landscape.

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