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It’s an ongoing debate as to whether or not a business analyst should be accredited. It is often argued that being accredited confirms and enforces your BA competencies and practices of business analysis.

Additionally, accreditation differentiates you from other practicing BAs as the accreditation proves you have the relevant knowledge and in some cases experience.

I’ve always felt that without experience as an analyst, what good is a certificate? If you have vast experience with a proven track record do you need to be accredited?

Organisations have varying methodologies and adapting to these often takes experience. Many people firmly believe that they have managed to achieve good business analysis with no formal training. In fact, some of the best BAs I have worked with have no accreditation at all.

Accreditation partly solves the consistency of approach problem but, I’d contend that it doesn’t necessarily make an organisation better at business analysis.

Accreditation without experience isn't going to bring better project delivery outcomes.

You can find the main arguments for and against accreditation in THIS LINKEDIN DISCUSSION

Here at Be Positive, our interest lies in helping you and your team to get better at what you/they do, understand the developments and new practices in our industry and how they can work for you/them.

Importantly, our courses are run by practicing business analysts, with learning that’s focused around the real issues you’ll face on a day to day basis such as: Managing difficult stakeholders, getting the analysis going, trying to make your workshops more engaging and creative.

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3 thoughts on “Business Analysis Accreditation

  1. AvatarDave Snavely, CBAP

    As one matures as an Analyst, you should be developing and honing skills that enable more accurate and holistic assessments of increasingly complex issues. The benefit of certification is twofold: First, it gives positive reassurance to the client that your skill set is more Generalist In nature (meaning your analytic prowess can be transferred and applied seamlessly in any industry). Second, it shows your commitment to Analysis, whether the ask is business or system related. The IIBA certification is rigorous and difficult, particularly for more tenured analysts that are "conditioned" to a certain organizational methodology that doesn't directly align with BABOK principles. I've worked with many PMP certified individuals who should never have those credentials; it seems that is a regular flavor of the day. The crux of any project is properly analyzed and documented requirements. Is certification aligned with that pursuit beneficial? ABSOLUTELY.

    1. Colin QuinnColin Quinn Post author

      Firstly Dave, thanks for taking the time to post. I agree with you. The IIBA Certifcation is a good blend of practical and theory. It's certainly rigorous and
      difficult. Indeed, Be Positive are an endorsed IIBA training provider.

      In the UK and Europe there is also a competing accreditation from the British Computer Society( how old and dusty does that sound?!). The mainstay of this is open book exams with multiple choice questions, although the end stage is an oral examination with an accredited examiner.

  2. AvatarPeter Sean

    Hi Colin, I just want to ask if it's good for us here in Australia to adapt to such equivalent certification or accreditation before applying to our required business number here in Australia. I think it's wise that we embrace such mentality in order to bolster and tighten our rules so that we can also be secured in terms of giving great services or products to the public's sake.


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