Case Study: Capability Assessment (Private Sector – Insurance)


Leading UK based Insurance company.


Be Positive undertook a BA Capability Assessment for a large UK based Insurance company.


Be Positive’s client was a UK insurance company in the midst of a substantial transformation initiative strategically designed to position the organization for future success. At the core of this transformation were fundamental principles of “Simplify and Focus,” encompassing extensive modifications spanning from the product portfolio to the overhaul of Change project methodologies.



  • Assessment of Tools, Methods, and Deliverables
  • Identification of Current Strengths and Challenges
  • Determination of Focus Areas for Team Enhancement
  • Contribution to the Development of a Future State Operating Model for the Team
  • Analysis of Discrepancies Between Current and Desired State
  • Formulation of a Comprehensive Plan for Improvement


  • Information Gathering Through Surveys and Team Workshop: Be Positive facilitated data collection through surveys and a collaborative team workshop to comprehensively understand the current state of the BA practice, involving all stakeholders for a holistic perspective.
  • Analysis of Findings and Hot-Spot Identification: Be Positive meticulously analyzed the survey results and workshop insights, pinpointing critical areas of concern or opportunity, known as “hot-spots,” which required immediate attention.
  • Designing the Future Model with Expertise and Best Practice: Leveraging extensive industry experience and best practices, Be Positive played a pivotal role in crafting a forward-looking BA practice model that aligns with the organization’s strategic goals and industry standards.
  • Gap Identification and Prioritization: Be Positive methodically identified gaps between the current and desired states of the BA practice, prioritizing them based on their impact and urgency for resolution.
  • Development of a Comprehensive Future Plan: We spearheaded the development of a robust plan for the future use of the BA practice, incorporating strategies, timelines, and actionable steps to bridge identified gaps and optimize practice effectiveness.


  • Practical Experience and Theoretical Knowledge Blend: Be Positive’s unique approach combined practical experience and theoretical expertise throughout the project, providing invaluable industry insights that bridged the gap between theory and practice.
  • Professional Expertise:Be Positive’s commitment to professional expertise was evident throughout the project, delivering solutions that were precisely tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the client’s large-scale transformation program.
  • Agile Accreditation: As accredited Agile practitioners, Be Positive’s mentors brought an in-depth understanding of Agile working practices to the project, ensuring that the transition to Agile methodologies was smooth and aligned with the client’s objectives.




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