Case Study: Meeting Fluctuating Demand (Pensions Provider)


Large UK Life and Pensions provider, Edinburg, Scotland


Provision of team of business analysts to support an ongoing large-scale transformation program and addressing various challenges in IT and Change Department, including regulatory changes and operational issues.


We recognize the fluctuating nature of project demands and the urgency it entails. Our rapid and efficient sourcing, assessment, and onboarding processes ensured that high-quality Business Analysts are brought on board promptly to meet short-notice requirements. Through targeted development and support, we helped for the in-house team to meet the demands of the transformation and the dynamic regulatory landscape.


  • Development of Digital Propositions
  • Execution of Data Migration and Customer Upgrade Initiatives
  • Management of Regulatory Compliance Projects
  • Launch of New Products and Services
  • Strategic Development of Partner and Joint Venture Propositions
  • Facilitation of Comprehensive Business Transition Processes


  • Resource Scaling Agility: Be Positive has been instrumental in providing rapid resource scaling capabilities, enabling the prompt acquisition of high-caliber Business Analysis resources in alignment with program delivery plans.
  • Exemplary Resource Selection: Our team has implemented a meticulous assessment method, thoroughly evaluating candidates based on their Business Analysis proficiency, alignment with essential behaviors, and industry expertise. This rigorous process guarantees the recruitment of top-tier resources.
  • Comprehensive Background Verification: Be Positive has conducted exhaustive background checks to ensure the suitability and reliability of the onboarded resources.
  • Local Talent Pool Utilization: All resources were sourced locally from the Edinburgh market, comprising both Be Positive permanent staff and seasoned contract personnel.
  • Seamless Team Integration and Performance Management: Be Positive has taken charge of ensuring the seamless integration and effective performance management of the resource team, fostering optimal collaboration and productivity.



  • Resource Continuity: The length of the engagement has ensured the continuity of resources on projects. This has increased the ability to meet project timelines and improve quality of delivery.
  • Expert Guidance: Expert advice and guidance on the approach to Business Analysis.
  • Valued Relationship: A valued and trusted relationship has been formed, due to the consistency with which Be Positive have responded to the resource demand.
  • Team Remodeling: Remodelling and reshaping of the Business Analysis Team – including re-evaluation of the job role and streamlining of the Business Analysis process (without lowering rigour and standards) enables the customer to get more out of fewer resources.
  • Enhanced Capability: A combination of high quality Be Positive resources and up skilled internal Business Analysis resources resulted in a more productive and better equipped Business Analysis capability.


  • Tools, Techniques, and Processes Revamp: Modernizing BA Tools and Processes
  • Internal Team Skill Development: Enhancing Internal BA Team Skills
  • Revised Structure and Role Definitions: Restructuring and Role Clarification

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