Case Study: Data Migration (Leading UK Housing Association)


Leading UK Housing Association & Residential Developer, Greater London, South-East England


Provision of small team of business analysts to support project aims (Remote)


As an industry leader this UK housing association and residential developer engaged with Be Positive in order to improve the way they interacted with their customer data.  Alongside cost effectiveness and efficiencies, the aims were to create a digital footprint of customer interactions that could be audited and meet regulatory requirements.



  • Enhance understanding of current processes.
  • Modernisation of legacy systems to provide better quality assurance, auditing, reporting, and process management.
  • Develop and make improvements to their IT Change Department.
  • Ensure any solutions were future-proofed to be adaptable to departmental and company restructuring.
  • Move away from a solutions-oriented mindset.


  • Understanding the Issues:  Be Positive conducted root cause analysis to identify and validate the client’s perceived opportunities. This involved documenting processes at all user levels to establish a baseline and gather insights from stakeholders.
  • Change Opportunity Analysis:  The team used the Rose, Bud, and Thorn (RBT) technique to identify opportunities for improvement within each process stage. This inclusive approach allowed users to express their opinions, uncover hidden issues, and align with regulatory requirements.
  • Beyond IT Solutions:  The analysis revealed non-IT-related opportunities, including the need for a stable internet connection and hardware support for end users and external customers.
  • User Stories and Requirements:  User stories and requirements were created to ensure that potential solutions aligned with customer needs.
  • Business Requirements Document (BRD):  A BRD was developed as a checklist for evaluating potential solutions, including options such as utilizing existing software, adopting a similar system in use by another department, procuring new software, or maintaining the current system without upgrades.
  • Risk Mitigation and Decision-Making:  Risks were highlighted throughout the project, and an options paper was created to demonstrate functionality and risk mitigation. This informed the client’s change boards for decision-making based on cost, risk mitigation, departmental processes, and future alignment.


Customer Benefits

  • Informed Decision-Making:  Decisions were based on analysis, facts, and functionality rather than individual opinions.
  • Comprehensive Documentation:  The produced documentation was detailed yet understandable for stakeholders outside the change department.
  • IT Department Collaboration:  The IT department became an invaluable resource as they actively listened to end users.
  • Future-Proofed Documentation:  The documentation provided a package that could be utilized at the current stage or in future transformation programs.
  • Adaptability and Integration:  Be Positive seamlessly integrated with all stakeholders, adapting to changing documentation and approval environments.


Customer Feedback

  • Positive Reception of Documentation:  The client appreciated the in-depth yet accessible nature of the documentation.
  • Requirement and Fact-Based Approach:  The approach allowed the client to make decisions without preconceived notions of the solution.
  • Improved Perception of the IT Department:  The IT department was viewed as an invaluable resource due to their collaboration and responsiveness.
  • Future-Proofed Documentation:  The documentation supported the client’s current needs and future transformation initiatives.
  • Adaptability and Collaboration:  Be Positive demonstrated flexibility and effective collaboration with all parties involved in the change process.




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