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Don’t let time and cost be a barrier to learning


When we made the decision to produce an online learning product, we focused on 2 key challenges our customers repeatedly faced  – TIME & COST.


Whether it be individual Business Analyst looking to improve their skills and boost your career, or a Head of Business Analysis aiming to develop their team and bring in a consistent approach to your business analysts.  Both would tell us they face the same problems.


Conventional classroom-based training is often time consuming and costly.  Pre-pandemic, the average cost of our classroom training was around £1500. Typically, these courses would consist of 3 or 4 full day sessions.


Clearly this presents problems to both personas. The individual BA not only has to consider the training cost itself, but also the potential cost of lost income away from their job.  Beyond a significant dent in their training budget, Head of BA also has the tricky task of balancing project delivery with team development.


Enter BA Simplified…

BA simplified is our easy to follow, online course that provides a structured overview of business analysis and what it takes to become an excellent Business Analyst.


BA simplified provides an affordable opportunity for you to learn at a pace that suits you. This could be on your daily commute, during your lunch break or from the comfort of your own home.


How it helps meet challenges

BA Simplified was designed and developed as a solution that meets many of the common challenges our customers faced, and in meeting these challenges, BA Simplified:


  • Is perfect for Entry Level BAs, Career Changers or for anyone interested in Business Analysis.

  • Acts as a great refresher course for Experienced BAs.

  • Provides a low-cost method to self-learn about Business Analysis across a full project lifecycle at a pace that suits you.

  • Can be accessed remotely on all devices - on your daily commute, during your lunch break or from the comfort of your own home.


Try module 1 FREE today


We work with many large financial organisations across the UK and beyond, and BA Simplified has helped see them:

  • Establish a baseline for future BA training.

  • Demonstrate investment in team development.

  • Develop a common and consistent approach to the organisation’s BA techniques.

  • Bring their team skill levels up to a higher standard.



Here’s some of the key features of BA Simplified:

  • 9 Modules with downloadable content.

  • Audio downloads.

  • PDF Transcripts.

  • 9 Knowledge Tests.

  • Course completion certificate.


Course content

The content for BA Simplified has been created from Be Positive's vast experience of Business Analysis, combined with current industry standards and follows a full project lifecycle. Here’s an overview of the 9-learning modules:


1. The Role of the BA
This module covers the basics of Business Analysis and helps you understand the role of a Business Analyst.


2. Underlying Competencies
This module covers underlying competencies and discusses the behaviours, characteristics, knowledge and personal qualities that support the practice of Business Analysis.


3. Planning the Analysis
This module covers the techniques used to enable you to successfully plan a piece of analysis and pays particular attention to the project Terms of Reference which is the foundation document for all projects or pieces of work.


4. Gathering Information
This module covers information gathering and explains what it means, why we do it, the different types of information there is and common tools and techniques used.


5. Analyse the Business
This module covers techniques we can use to analyse the business, provides an introduction to modelling and takes a look at the range of techniques available. This module also helps us make sense of all the useful information we have gathered.


6. Introducing Stakeholder Management
The module covers the importance of stakeholder identification, analysis and management by looking at the people we deal with and relationships with build with them.


7. Analysing & Specifying Requirements
This module covers requirements and explains what they are, what makes a good requirement and also provide some hints and tips when it comes to writing requirements.


8. Requirements Review & Sign-Off
This module covers the requirements review and sign-off process and looks at how to make sure we have a really good set of requirements, how do we review them and how do we manage sign-off.


9. Managing Requirements after Sign-Off
This module covers managing requirements after sign-off and look at how requirements might change after they have been signed off and the important topic of requirements traceability.


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BA Simplified is an easy-to-follow online course lets you learn Business Analysis, through a full project lifecycle, at a pace that suits you. ACCESS YOUR FREE DEMO HERE and test drive module 1 free. No card required for demo set-up.
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