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IIBA® Scotland - 2018 Events

IIBA UK’s event programme has kicked off in Scotland with the first in 2018 taking place last month at Registers of Scotland.


There were over 30 people who joined the event and it was good to see some familiar faces as well some new ones too.  The event began with a presentation from RoS’s Head of Agile about the organisation’s age-old history and the digital transformation journey that they are on currently.


I’m nosey by nature, so I found it fascinating to find out about their business, culture and how their BA practice was set up.  You can find out more about what’s going on behind the scenes at Registers of Scotland here.


Delivering the Business Event was the topic in focus and took an in depth look at how the Business Analyst underpins the value in the delivery cycle for customers.  Gary Cockburn shared his insights on business readiness, amassed over 20 plus years, delivering projects to world-wide customers.   Gary eloquently articulated how the multi-skilled BA can add enormous value to customers ranging from members of the public, complex organisations and even the Queen!


The presentation was well received and generated plenty of discussion.  Gary shared details of his blended toolkit and real world project experiences, serving as a reminder that the BA truly underpins, protects and enhances the value of the business event.


Personally a winning presentation for me as Gary also managed to reference a personal hero of mine.  The Jock Stein slide and complementary story, about the one thing he demanded from his players, (PASHON), was spot on for me.

It’s that passion for continuous improvement within the community that drives me along to these local IIBA events.  If you couldn’t make the last event why not pop along to the next one which is taking place at Lloyds Banking Group, Port Hamilton, Edinburgh on Thursday 15th March.


Be Positive’s very own Vicky DiCiacca will present 7 (ish) Considerations for Business Analysis Communities of Practice..  Vicky will explore elements that it’s important to think about when setting up, developing or growing a Business Analysis Community of Practice.


  • The domain that brings practitioners together

  • The people in the community

  • The shared tools, techniques and resources

  • The culture within the community

  • What does it mean to belong to a community of practice?

  • Sharing & learning

  • What value do communities of practice bring?


If you’d like to come along and participate in the discussion, you can Find out more and book your place here.


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