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9 Tips for Prioritising Agile Requirements

Requirements represent features, functionality or improvements a business wants.

Part of the Agile BAs role is to help the business objectively prioritise requirements in terms of importance and urgency to ensure a project delivers on time and cost, without compromising quality.


The process of prioritising requirements for an Agile BA should always be done through collaboration between appropriate project stakeholders and should always refer to the business case.  With reference to the APMG® Agile BA Handbook, we have listed 9 key tips which will help you throughout the prioritisation process.


  • Use the MoSCoW technique to avoid ambiguity about what the categories mean.


  • Use well-defined prioritisation criteria (e.g. Business Risk, Value, Urgency etc.) to get agreement from all stakeholders and project team as to what the priorities mean.


  • Make sure you use ALL of the MoSCoW priorities.


  • Challenge the ‘Must have’ requirements.


  • Use MoSCoW prioritisation to help the business focus on the Minimum Usable SubseT (MUST have requirements).


  • This defines the ‘Must haves’ by questioning how essential they are in terms of delivering the most important functionality. It asks the question: Would delivery be prevented if this requirement was not included?


  • Control the number of ‘Must haves’ by facilitating sensible prioritisation and scheduling.


  • Help the concept of prioritisation become deeply ingrained in the team’s approach by identifying other areas of the project to prioritise. (e.g. risk, reports, meetings etc.)


  • Constantly review the appropriateness of priorities and highlight the situation if they change.


  • Avoid confusion by keeping the priorities clear and visible.


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